LEADTOOLS OCR Arabic Main 19.0

It integrates with LEADTOOLS SDKs in the Document and Medical lines

The LEADTOOLS Arabic OCR Module adds methods for incorporating optical character recognition (OCR) technology into applications and includes everything needed to develop robust, high performance and scalable image recognition solutions. The LEADTOOLS Arabic OCR Module seamlessly integrates with LEADTOOLS SDKs in the Document and Medical lines.
Overview of LEADTOOLS Arabic OCR SDK Module Technology
- For development of 32 and 64 bit Windows applications
- Add OCR technology to single and multi-threaded applications
- Includes many broad and functionally specific demo projects with source code for VB.NET and C#
- Documentation includes sample source code for every function, method, property and event
- Free technical support is available to customers and developers evaluating LEADTOOLS
- Convert an image to a document in as little as three lines of code
- Recognize an entire image or just a region of interest
- Full Overview of LEADTOOLS OCR Technology
- Add OCR technology to desktop and web applications
- Arabic OCR technology available as WCF services
- Arabic OCR technology available as WF activities
- Convert images to searchable and editable document formats
- Convert images to EMF
- Formatted output preserving images, font and layout
- Add OMR support with LEADTOOLS OMR SDK Module
- Use with the LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition SDK technology for a complete forms recognition and processing SDK
Why Choose LEADTOOLS Recognition Technology
- Multithread-safe OCR SDK.
- Supports 32 and 64 bit development.
- High performance unattended auto recognition in server environments includes support for unlimited number of pages, auto-preprocessing, use of multiple-threads to recognize the same document for optimum speed and logging.
- Easy to use, high level interface can convert an image to a PDF in as little as three lines of code.
- Supports full page or zonal OCR. Zones can either be automatically or manually generated.
- Improve recognition results with LEADTOOLS image processing functions such as document cleanup.
- Recognize text in low quality images such as those created with dot matrix printers.
- Recognize a variety of documents, including facsimiles, photocopies and documents with complex layouts.
- Integrates with LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition and Processing technology to automatically classify and extract information from scanned forms.
- Quickly scan images with LEADTOOLS Fast TWAIN technology.

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